New Moon // New Year

ImageToday, the new year begins, and tonight, the new moon sits darkly in the sky. This rare combination is the perfect opportunity to let go of disappointments from the past year, reflect on accomplishments, and sow seeds for the year to come. This new year new moon provides the ultimate cleanse and recharge for our bodies and our minds. Make sure to let your rock collection bask in the moonlight tonight, to vanquish unwanted energy from the past year, retain the good, and strengthen their properties.

The past year has been momentous. Just before the beginning of 2013, in November of 2012, a lifetime of rock collecting and jewelry making, combined with years of saving, research, and learning culminated in the opening of my Etsy shop. Since then, I have made 189 sales, and gained 573 admirers. Pretty good for also working full time in special education! The Facebook page is up to 736 likes, and Instagram followers number in the thousands! I’ve even had a Tumblr post reach over 4,200 notes, and my audience there grows steadily each day. I could not feel more grateful for those who support me or more satisfied with what I’ve accomplished. 

Just over a year ago I stood victorious with my arms in the air, about to attend my first gem show as a metalsmith.

ImageAt this gem show, I met experts, acquired knowledge about exceedingly rare stones, and extended the foundational collection of cabochons (stones cut for setting in jewelry) that would allow me to create my business. After this gem show, my passion for jewelry making exploded with indomitable creative energy, and I began churning out pieces for my shop. My first pieces, in retrospect riddled with errors, filled me with pride.


I even managed to knock out some complex designs that I plan on revisiting and recreating soon.


In the past year Soliloquy Jewelry has raised money for various charities, been on the runway in a fashion show, and made it to countries all over the world. I went from working in a tiny corner of a miniscule apartment, to having an in-home studio in the apartment of my dreams. I feel incredibly lucky for what the past year has brought me, and cannot wait to charge ahead and continue to grow as an artist. I hope that the rest of you are able to reflect on the last year with satisfaction, and that those who can’t find a fresh start on this night of renewal.

In celebration of moving forward, I’ve put some of my older pieces on sale. Some other pieces may be added to the sale section soon as well, to make room for new additions. I’m in the process of designing a maker’s mark stamp so that I can sign all of my pieces, and new business cards will follow that development. I will also soon be providing the option to include a laminated card with your order that has the story, myth, or symbolism of your piece, along with any relevant stone information. The concept behind my pieces are just as important as the pieces themselves, so I cannot wait to offer this option.

Next on the blog: long overdue post about the intriguing and historic Salem, Mass.


About soliloquyjewelry

I was born, raised, and am currently living in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, MA. My love of books, stones, and jewelry itself inspire my designs; hence my shop name, Soliloquy Jewelry, and its motto, "Symbolic adornment for bohemian souls." All of my pieces are handmade of metal and stone, and hold their own significances to literary, metaphysical, and symbolic realms. Each piece has a story that I strive to include in my item descriptions in my shop. I feel deeply connected to my work, and would like its wearers to feel the same.
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