A Whirlwind of News

Hello, my beautiful souls. I have many things to tell you! First things first: beginning today, my shop is temporarily closed. For the next 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, I am employing what Etsy refers to as “vacation mode”, which allows sellers to temporarily close their shops while on, you guessed it, vacation. I, however, won’t be on vacation during this time, besides a 3 day stint in a tent on a lake. During the rest of these precious numbered days I will be sawing, hammering, and soldering like a madwoman to build up new stock for my grand re-opening! What makes it so grand, you ask? It will be the beginning of a new era for Soliloquy Jewelry. New tagline, new business cards, new item listing format, AND… I will be completely self-employed.

That’s right! I’ve rejected my continued employment offer for the coming school year, and will venture into full time jewelry at the end of this month. I am so excited, and so beyond grateful for all of the support that has propelled me toward this point. I have wonderful customers, a supportive family, an amazing boyfriend, and the best friends in the world. Not to mention a fantastic network of super talented, crazy awesome jeweler friends (I’m looking at you, Torched by an Angel ladies!). All I want is to show my thanks, and a giveaway and/or sale are on the horizon, but first I need to prepare. This is new territory riddled with obstacles, but I’ve never been one to let obstacles stop me.

So, my shop is officially closed until the beginning of July. In the meantime, I will be posting new items as they come to life on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr, and I plan to host a giveaway on one (if not both) of those platforms as well. Stay tuned!

And in case you’re interested, here are some of my newest items to be included in my grand re-opening.

The Chambers of the Sea Ring // sterling silver radiate setting & natural abalone. Inspired by my favorite poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T. S. Eliot.

20140614-095557.jpgSky God Ring // blackened sterling silver & natural ombre Ajax turquoise. I may be keeping this one for myself. This stone and I have a complex history.


Treasures of a Dried Up Lake Ring // hand patterned sterling silver & natural old stock Carico Lake turquoise.


Many more pieces like these and more brand new designs are in the works for July. I cannot wait to reveal them to you all, and to pursue my dream full time. My deepest thanks to each and every one of you for accompanying me on this journey. Your support is endlessly appreciated.


About soliloquyjewelry

I was born, raised, and am currently living in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, MA. My love of books, stones, and jewelry itself inspire my designs; hence my shop name, Soliloquy Jewelry, and its motto, "Symbolic adornment for bohemian souls." All of my pieces are handmade of metal and stone, and hold their own significances to literary, metaphysical, and symbolic realms. Each piece has a story that I strive to include in my item descriptions in my shop. I feel deeply connected to my work, and would like its wearers to feel the same.
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7 Responses to A Whirlwind of News

  1. Beautiful pieces. Happy for you that you can stay home and create good luck in your new adventure.

  2. Nice Collection of rings, Unique and differ from common and great news now you would take rest for few days.

  3. Full time jeweler!?! Good for you. How awesome that you found a niche and can take the plunge.

  4. salmankhan23 says:

    Oh, nice days to take rest. lovely collection of rings. Unique and differ designs.

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