I will spread myself like wings.

I can’t believe it finally happened…


I hit 10K on Instagram last week! I remember when I first started my jewelry account, just 1,000 followers felt a lifetime away. But as I refined my skills and built my brand, I steadily grew. Here I am, a little over a year and a half later, with ten thousand of you viewing my posts. It is, honestly, one of the best feelings in the world. I work hard to show my interests through my photos and my pieces, to interact with my followers, and to create art that resonates with others. To some, follower count may just be a meaningless number, but to me it is proof that what I’m doing is worthwhile, that I’m building the connections through my art that I’ve always wanted to build.

To celebrate, my ever-supportive boyfriend and I went to our favorite restaurant, Abe & Louie’s, to indulge in filet mignon and single malt scotch.


Okay, and maybe some beers and crème brûlée, too. A perfect celebration, followed by a 3 mile walk back home, along the river.

So, I got to celebrate for myself, but I also want to celebrate with all of you! I’m planning a giveaway, bigger than any I’ve ever had before. It will include not one, but TWO handmade pieces, crystals, a bouquet of lavender, some vintage beauties, and possibly more. All of these prizes will go to one lucky winner. I’m fresh out of most of my silver supplies and waiting on a shipment. Once it’s here, the items will be made and the giveaway will be posted. Can’t wait!

In other news, a handful of new items are hitting the shop later today.

photo4photo5 photo7photo8 photo9photo12

Plus this ring, which has been reserved, but I still want to share it with you all:


The Ocean Ring, featuring a stunning slice of Nacozari turquoise with manganese inclusions. This one, inspired by a quote from Dave Egger’s short story collection “How We are Hungry”, is an ode to the exaltation I feel at this part of my journey. Flight. Transformation. Lucidity.

“THE OCEAN: I will spread myself like wings. I am a billion tiny feathers. You have no idea what’s happened to me.”

And finally, a super sneak peek of a ring that has been on my bench for weeks now.


Cannot WAIT to see this one finished up. Almost there.

That’s all for now, but coming soon is a look inside my newer, bigger studio space!


About soliloquyjewelry

I was born, raised, and am currently living in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, MA. My love of books, stones, and jewelry itself inspire my designs; hence my shop name, Soliloquy Jewelry, and its motto, "Symbolic adornment for bohemian souls." All of my pieces are handmade of metal and stone, and hold their own significances to literary, metaphysical, and symbolic realms. Each piece has a story that I strive to include in my item descriptions in my shop. I feel deeply connected to my work, and would like its wearers to feel the same.
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6 Responses to I will spread myself like wings.

  1. eeeekkk, can i say i already have my fingers crossed for the upcoming giveaway. i wear your ring i bought almost daily. it is truly my favorite piece. i love everything you make, and can tell the heart and soul that goes into it. congrats on 10K, that is huge! landmarks are wonderful things to celebrate as a designer!

  2. So incredibly happy for you! Keep on keepin’ on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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