About The Artist


To this day, my mother loves to remind me of how often she would find rocks in my pockets when I was a kid. When she would ask why I wanted to keep them, I would respond “Because they’re pretty!” Some things never change. Here I am, many years later, still in love with rocks. Not only have I been drawn to and obsessed with stones for as long as I can remember, but I’ve also always had a love for jewelry and an insatiable need to create. It is no wonder that I’ve ended up here: a self-taught metalsmith with my own jewelry shop.

I went to Clark University in Worcester, where I studied everything from witchcraft to French New Wave film, British Romanticism to mythopoetics, and writing for modern media to semiotic theory. I ultimately graduated with a BA in English, concentrating in modernist literature. Modernism’s mantra of “make it new”, its embedding of mythology and foreign languages, and its intentional breaking of traditional rules drew me to the genre. I’m a gigantic bookworm, and my favorite authors of all time are James Joyce, Sylvia Plath, Virginia Woolf, and Wallace Stevens. I also love to read mythology (particularly Celtic, Norse, Finnish, Native American, and Greek/Roman), feminist theory, philosophy, sci-fi/fantasy, linguistics, magical realism, Romanticism, epics, cyberpunk, metaphysical poetry, comics/graphic novels, and many other genres. I wasn’t kidding when I said I’m a gigantic bookworm. Literature is one of the main inspirations for my pieces besides the stones themselves.

My expansive interests are the driving forces behind the inspiration for my jewelry. Some of my other interests that fuel my creative process are the metaphysical aspects of stones, music (I love Irish rebel music, punk, folk, black metal, darkwave, gothic post-punk, folk-punk, and traditional Irish music, to name a few!), languages (I speak French and Latin, have working knowledge of Irish Gaelic and Spanish, and plan to learn many more), fashion, tattoos, piercings, and other forms of body art, witchcraft, nature (particularly that of Massachusetts — forests and oceans), symbols, the occult, and herbalism. Some of my other hobbies include writing, drawing, swimming, sewing, exploring Boston, painting, taking weekend trips to NYC, crocheting, micro-macrame, and photography.

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