Custom Orders

As of January 15, 2015, I am opening for custom orders again for a limited time. I will be taking them in small groups to keep the production time as low as possible, and will keep a wait-list for those who wish to be contacted when a spot is available. Wait times will vary due to overall workload factors, design choice, whether or not I need to order specific supplies for your design, etc. A 50% deposit is required before I begin to work on the piece, and the last 50% plus shipping are paid when the piece is completed.

BEFORE initiating the custom order process, please note the following: I will not copy another artist’s work. Please do not send photographs of other jewelry asking for a reproduction of the design. If you desire a custom from me, it should be for my work, designs, and aesthetics. I reserve the right to deny custom requests if I find that it is not a compatible idea. Although making your ideas come to life is rewarding, custom work is also incredibly time consuming, so I simply cannot say yes to everyone. If I find that your idea isn’t compatible with my work, I will do my best to refer you to one of the other talented jewelers I know who may be able to fulfill your request.

To initiate the custom order process, please fill out the following questions and send them to me in a message on Etsy. This will give me the best idea of what you’re looking for, and quicken the many steps in the process such as stone selection and price calculation. Feel free to leave non-applicable questions blank, and to reference any of my pieces in your answers that help to convey your ideas for your order.

1. What type of piece? (i.e. ring, necklace, etc.)

2. Is there a particular design of mine that you would like it to resemble? If so, which?

3. Any additional elements you’d like to add to the design or alter in any way?

4. Type of bezel (Metal that goes around/holds in the stone. Options include serrated, scalloped, plain, stamped, etc.)?

5. Type of band (Split, triple split, wide, standard, etc.)?

6. Type of stone? Please include any specifics such as preferred mine, color, shape, size, etc.

7. Any other details or points you’d like to share before the design process?


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